About Us

Li and his wife Queena opened their first trademarking company ZeTian Trademark Co Ltd, in Tianjin 2004, based on their core values of integrity, accountability, and diligence. Through hard work and backed by a team of highly skilled agents and legal advisors, ZeTian quickly made a name for themselves in China. Winning several awards in Tianjin for their exemplary work and company transparency. In 2017 – 2018 ZeTian was awarded the title “National Outstanding Trademark Agency, for outstanding customer service and reputation in the intellectual property industry. 

Today Li and Queena are honored to bring Li & Associates Trademark Services to the heart Vancouver, B.C. With the same core values and a wealth of knowledge our team is delighted to be in Canada safeguarding intellectual property on a global scale. 

At Li & Associates, we pride ourselves on protecting intellectual property both in Canada and abroad. All our agents in Canada are certified with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and ZeTian is part of the China Trademark Association as well as the Tianjin Trademark Association. 

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service to your company both at home and abroad. With Li and Associates registering your trademark, we guarantee your intellectual property is protected from counterfeit goods and services, defended against bad faith registration and provides the ability to do business anywhere you trademark. 

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