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Registering Well-Known Marks in China

At Li & Associates, we have a team of experts with years of experience and many successful cases of well-known mark recognition in China. Our combination of industry knowledge, legal advisors and leading agents make us the best choice to transform your registered trademark into a well-known trademark.

Well-known marks are recognized in China on a case-by-case basis with much discretion left to Courts or trademark authorities because well-known mark recognition in China isn’t expressly defined by Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China. Articles 14 provides factors in the establishment of a well-known mark as shown:

01. Reputation

The reputation of the mark to the relevant public

02. Duration

Time for continued use of the mark

03. Coverage

Consecutive time, extent and geographical area of advertisement of the mark

04. Protection

Records of protection of the mark as a well-known mark

05. And More

Any other factors relevant to the reputation of the mark

The Benefits of

A Well-Known Trademark

Prevents malicious registration

Provides cross-class protection

Priority to government procurement

Provides regional tax incentives

Instills wide-spread public trust and recognition 

Once the CNIPA approves a well-known mark, that recognition will never expire

Provides access to government funding and bank loans  

Provides higher compensation for counterfeit and infringement cases

Prevents others from incorporating the well-known mark in the name of their enterprises

Prohibits others from the registration of the well-known mark as a domain name

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